Sunday, June 03, 2007

Build a house for an animal project with third graders.

THE ASSIGNMENT: Come up with a house for your favorite animals. The students were to build a house, put the animals in it, write up a description, and share out loud with the class.
We like snakes. They are nice. Here is our house for snakes. The house is made from pencil cases. Our snakes names are Szilvi and Szilveszter.

The boys who made the snake house are afraid of their snakes.
Especially this guy right here.


Now A Nagy said...

szia laura! the postings of your classeses, with pictures and bios, are great. are your kids totally excited they are on the internet? you are getting ready to leave soon, yeah? what next? heading back to wisconsin? hope the last couple of weeks are a grand finally hurrah for the end of your CETP phase of life. - ali

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