Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Buildings along the Duna

This is the Duna, or Danube River. On Saturday, Kat and I took the day to walk along the river, up to The Liberation Monument, and just have a fun day in the rain. Along the way we took pictures of the many buildings we saw along the way. This is one of my favorite buildings in all of Budapest. It is Matyas Templom, or Matyas Church. Not only is it in my favorite architectural style or Neo Gothic, but also has a roof constructed of glazed multicolored tiles. This picture does not do this building any justice, it is truly remarkable.
This is another remarkable building also done in the Neo Gothic style. This is my second favorite building. Along with Matyas Templom, they are the only two I remember by name because they have touched me in some way. This is The Parliament. I read later that this is the biggest building in Hungary and has become the recognized symbol of Hungary. I think this is true, because when I am home and think of Budapest these two buildings are the first in my mind. This photo is just a section of Parliament, but as you can see it is a wonderful looking building.
This is another awesome building. This is the Calvinist Church. I have taken a distant picture from across the river, and then a closer shot to try to reveal its beauty. This too is in the Neo Gothic Style, I tend to be drawn to this style. This church also has a roof made of colorful ceramic tiles. It is a major focus point when you are along the banks of the Duna, I am often drawn to the beauty of its artwork in tiles.

This last photo is of St Anne's Church. Where ever you look from on top of Gellert Hill, you will see there twin towers standing above the other buildings. It is done in my least favorite style, Baroque, but stands out to me as well. At least you can not see any fat golden baby angels when looking from the banks of the river.

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