Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Home for the summer!

I have arrived in Wisconsin where I will be spending the summer living with my sister, her husband, my nephews Collin and Kade. It was a long trip across the ocean, but I made it without a struggle and met cool people along the way.

On my plane trip from Amsterdam to Chicago I sat between two gentlemen who were both in the ministry some how. We had a wonderful conversation about my father being a minister, one being a youth minister, and the other going to seminary to become a minister. Well the were great at holding a conversation without being annoying and talking the whole plane trip back, it was a perfect balance. Also one of the gentlemen knew a family that I went to college with. One was my teammate for basketball and her father was the men's basketball coach, what a small world.

On my bus trip from Chicago to Madison I met a man who was struggling with the failing health of his mother. He has been traveling back and forth trying to help her maintain independent living and deciding weather he thinks she is up for it. We talked of many things, one being Madison where we were heading. I was explaining my apartment to him and he said he knew someone who had lived there as well. He then asked me if I knew Emma Burns. I did and we talked of that and then he explained about his raspberry farm which I had heard about from Emma before so that was interesting too. It just goes to show it is a small world after all.

I met my new nephew Kade, he is very cute but if you want a smile from the little guy you better be prepared to work for it. He is already a very serious boy. He is content to just hang around on the floor with some toys, or to watch his older brother dance and jump to the characters of his video games. It was also great to see Collin. We had a sleepover the first night I was back and he woke me many times to say, "Warah, I wub you", while stroking my face. After this I hung out with my family and then started work with my old students for the summer. It is good to be back for the summer to see everyone so far, but I am still not sure I have grasped being home yet.

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Gaines said...

Hi, Laura! I'm glad you're enjoying being home so much! Have a great rest of the summer and once you get back to Hungary, send me your address so I can mail you a package or at least a letter!